Wildlife Conservation has always been the main goal in all my photographic and research projects. With this idea I have managed to collaborate with different Organizations around the World. In this section, you will find the main projects in which I am most involved at the moment.
From the southern coasts of South Africa to the warm Mesoamerican lands of Costa Rica.


"Hand in hand with Conservation" is a project with a double aim. Firtsly, the project works in educate and create awareness in local and indigenous people about the importance of their local biodiversity. This project, teach them to share their live with most common species in daily activity []


Sickness and risk that oceans has to face is an evidence that humanity have to learn to deal with it. "Sick Seas", is a project with the main goals of showing and reporting about the reality that our seas and oceans have to face on a daily basis, and create awareness about the great impacts []


Hunting to decorate the walls of salons or museums around the globe, and later the Civil War that ravaged Angola until the end of 2001, led to the Giant Sable ( Hippotragus niger variani ) on the brink of extinction. However, since 2003 an ambitious project works to save the species []


Frogs are incredibly important, as links in the trophic chains, and therefore in chain of life, and as plague controllers, thanks to its control over some transmisor such as flies or mosquitoes. However, this group is one of the most threatened on Earth []



Pacuare Reserve, lead by Ecology Project International (EPI), hosts the fourth most important nesting beach for Leatherback Sea Turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea ) on Earth. Thanks to the tireless work protecting the beach, public education and local collaborations have made possible to reduce the nest lost, from the 98% to 2%, in the last 20 years. However, the threats are still alive. []